With formal training in graphic design from Leeds university, Ellen went on to work as a full-time graphic designer for 9 years, both commercially and freelance. Her experience covers a wide range of products including packaging design, brochures, logos, exhibition graphics, menus & online content and is able to fit any style you require for your project. With skills and experience using softwares such as Adobe Illustrator and some other things that I don't know about, she is both able to re-vamp your current designs or help you come up with a whole new look from scratch. She built this website, so that speaks for itself when it comes to her web design skills.


Having dabbled in various fields of work over the years, Alice's love of writing has remained consistent since childhood which teamed with her knowledge of social media and marketing went on to prove useful in her role at a London-based fashion agency, where managing social media platforms came as part of the job. Since then, she has continued assisting companies and charities in improving their social media appearance as well as helping equip page managers with the creative tools and practical functions needed to maintain their online presence.




In 2017, Alice left the fashion industry in London to fulfil her dream at the opposite end of the scale and became a teacher at an orphanage for children affected by HIV in rural Cambodia. Here, she was the English speaking teachers across all subjects for the early-years classes, as well as helping tutor teens with their reading, maths and science. After visiting Alice in 2018, Ellen was enamoured by Cambodia and so took a leap of faith in moving out there herself in October 2019.


Living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capital city, Ellen split her time between teaching English at a local International school and continuing freelance graphic design projects. Sadly, the leap of faith fell short as coronavirus whipped the rug out from underneath us. Cambodia closed it's schools, leaving our jobs in the lurch, and due to family situations we had to haul back to the UK. Lockdown was announced literally the minute we walked through the front door and with businesses closed and in post-travel quarantine we had to figure out how the heck we were going to pick ourselves back up again.

Knowing we couldn't be the only people in the country to have been floored by coronavirus and seeing small businesses hit with very real concerns about the lasting effect it will have on their livelihoods, we wanted to find a way we can help each other get through 2020. 


So Cabin.42 was built and the rest,

as they say, is history!

(Albeit very recent history)



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